Project development

Developing your project concept to a grant application

We start working with our clients by exploring funding options and choosing  the relevant Programme matching their project idea. Once we fully explored your needs and expectations,  next  we draft the project concept and develop the application, followed by a thorough quality check.

We fine-tune your project concept into a solid logical frame via a series of joint workshops and brainstorming sessions, defining the conceptual background, objectives, activities, outputs and long-term results matching your needs. This is the usual way we work with our clients. To be able to do this, our team is armed with in depth knowledge and understanding of the Programme and relevant EU policies and regulations. Additionally, in this phase you and your project will be matched with potential partners as we believe that a successful application does not only depend on a good project concept but also very much on the composition of the partnership. Through our direct access to a wide network of potential European partners and experts, we will guide you through this process, making recommendations and suggestions.

Once a partnership has been formed, we continue with working out the details of your project. We design a detailed implementation plan through a series of consultations with the partners and key stakeholders, also defining the budget frames and key responsibilities of the core members of the alliance. Depending on the Programme, if the concept needs to be validated by a relevant authority, we’ll assist you with that.

Finally, we elaborate the project application including the detailed allocation of tasks among partners with a matching bottom-up budget, based on which we can complete the full application form and related administrative tasks needed to submit an eligible and successful proposal.

Project Development Chart

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Call us +36 20 248 9329 or send email to We will get back to you shortly!

Contact us for personalised offer!

Call us +36 20 248 9329 or send email to

We will get back to you shortly!