Our clients

We have helped dozens of organisations around the Continent to find their most suitable project goals and to contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future.

One of our key strengths is that we are working with a diversified mix of Partners, Experts and Clients. They differ in their geographical scope, organisational type, business goals and most importantly, the communities they are targeting.

The core of our clientele comes from South-East, Central and North-West Europe, with Hungarian and Dutch clients representing around 80% of it, served by our multicultural and multilingual team which has acquired extensive experience with working in various cultural and political settings.

Our clients and partners mainly include public, non-profit and research type of organisations such as local or regional municipalities, development agencies, universities or research centres. In addition, we have of late also been opening towards the for-profit sector, SMEs in particular.

“Grants Europe’s huge network, broad experience, good value for money and pleasant people lays my confidence in them and their services.

People at Grants Europe are always approachable and comfortable to contact due to their excellent communication skills.

I experienced a very successful application drafting with their support, in a highly competitive environment. And they always delivered in time.”

Manita Koop

Managing Director, Vereniging Regio Water, the Netherlands

“We contracted Grants Europe again, for the very solid curriculum and for the positive direct experience from working together.

Grants Europe made the process very smooth and successful, even going through a partner replacement.

It is the intelligent and rationally organised management style of Grants Europe what we benefit most from.”

Antonia Caola

Head of International Relations, MUSE, Trento, Italy

“We couldn’t have become this successful without their support.

Our work with Grants Europe led us to a series of success in European programmes. Now we lead projects in URBACT, INTERREG Central Europe and South-East Europe.

Grants Europe is a high performer, we always get professional excellency, flexibility and the respect of our specific needs and perspectives.”

István Hunyadi

városigazgató, a polgármester, Budapest Főváros XVIII. kerület Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre Önkormányzata