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Our key interest lies in bridging the most suitable funds for our clients while uniting local communities to pool resources, exchanging experiences and building lasting local and regional cooperation networks. We support local and regional authorities and other public and semi-public organisations in accessing and absorbing EU funds with a view to achieve sustainable regional development. We honestly believe that EU cities and regions are the backbone of the EU socio-economic development and that the structural problems in society, economics and our shared natural resources are best targeted at local and regional level.

Our key approach is to build a partnership with our clients by stepping into their world, understanding the core of their problems and identifying opportunities tailored to that. We work jointly on the future development of our partners by defining projects that allow them to grow and to maximise their access to EU grants and several co-financing schemes.

Proven European expertise, secured and quality progress and a high-quality consultancy is what we offer to our clientele. As member of the European Affairs Alliance, growth engine for our business, we are exposed to a wider European opportunity pool, building relationships with other alliance leaders in our industry and beyond.