CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Considering all the environmental and societal challenges facing us in Europe and globally, as a company, we intend to do everything in our power to support others in living a whole life by promoting sustainability and fair treatment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental awareness approach allows us to take part in building a conscious future through our day-to-day work as well as by joining valuable initiatives.

In our workspace we follow a “green office” model implementing energy efficiency measures, waste minimisation and separation and using ecological products such as detergents and FSC copy paper. As a company working with an extensive transnational clientele, we need to calculate and manage our ecological footprint as well by buying a CO2 fee for flight tickets, having a policy on promoting public transport amongst co-workers and many of us take the bike on a daily basis.

We are also sensitive towards the most pressing societal challenges, which leads us to provide support towards various socially vulnerable groups through charitable activities. When we are not actively working with a charity by giving our time through pro bono or volunteering, we are donating.

We dedicate our financial support to causes and organisations whose vision resonates with our own focus, such as:

  • Human services; children’s and family services, homeless services, youth development, shelter, and crisis services
  • Health; diseases, disorders, and disciplines, family support and treatment
  • Performing arts and culture; theatrical and multidisciplinary art projects and groups.